By creative people for creative people

Eye the Prize is a site conceived, developed and created by two brothers working in the creative industry.

The struggles and frustrations they experienced in the early stages of their creative careers led to the inspiration behind the site.

They see creative careers as exciting lifelong journeys that can span continents and countries, and this global site is designed to help you every step of the way.

Power to creative people

Eye the Prize matches you with global opportunities in the arts and creative industries giving you more choice and control over your creative destiny.  Our FREE membership allows you to:

  • Search creative opportunities worldwide
  • Interact and collaborate within your creative community, whether you’re a graduate or a seasoned professional
  • Use our Hotlist/Notlist galleries to showcase and receive feedback on your work

Power to organisers

Eye the Prize offers our organisers one purpose-built global platform to promote all types of creative opportunities – big or small. Our FREE service allows you to:  

  • Effectively reach your target audience
  • Discover the brightest talent
  • Increase awareness
  • Build your brand and business

Matching opportunities to members

Organisers of opportunities can reach out and connect with their audiences according to age, skillset, experience and location.

At the same time, members can set their personal preferences, so they only ever need see what's relevant to them.

Why ‘The Prize’

At Eye the Prize, we call our opportunities ‘the prize’  because in whatever form you find it -  funding / jobs / commissions/ paid internships & apprenticeships / professional training & events / competitions/ residencies – it could literally transform your career and life.  Which is why we believe you should never take your eye off the Prize. 

Why choose Eye-the-Prize?

Unlike other UK based sites, because we are not a publicly funded site, or have commercial affiliations, we have no restrictions and are able to offer the following:

  • Both global AND UK based creative opportunities.
  • A site for creative people worldwide in all stages of their creative careers, so not just students, or seasoned professionals.
  • Our members are able to collaborate and network with other creative people globally from New York to Paris to Singapore and Sydney.